Pet Tiger

A photo story i’d like to share:
While looking at old albums with my grandmom last week, I noticed that my passed grampa Julian had a pet tiger in Warsaw at around age 9. Why I asked.


Julian’s mother died on his birth, which lead to his dad mourning at the Powązki cemetery. A lady across the walk way lost her husband a year earlier. After years of crossing each other during visits they married with shared feelings of loss. Remarriage was not looked well upon back then so Julian’s aunts (mother’s side), who were taking care of him the majority of time, wanted him to stay with them instead of this fathers new family.


Julian, split between families, was not happy. His Aunts wanted to cheer him up, but also wanted his love for animals to be satisfied in the city which was currently being fulfilled at his father’s horse breeding stable out of the city. So they bought a tiger for him.